The pandemic has accelerated the move towards Digital. This is probably the most important imperative for companies, cutting across industries. Cloud technology is the backbone of Digitisation, without which all efforts will fail. Hence, it’s no surprise that Cloud jobs are high in demand with average salary in the GBP 65000 range!

Are you an IT professional but not in a Cloud job and want to make a switch to a cloud career? How difficult is it to make this change? What if you are not an IT professional? Is it possible to make this change? How much this cost? Is there a way you can learn Cloud computing and all the essentials of Cloud technology for free?

It’s common knowledge that AWS is the market leader amongst Cloud Service Providers and is followed by Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Services.

And, the good news is that AWS has a program that answers all the questions posed earlier!
The AWS re/Start program helps you learn AWS Cloud Practitioner skills for free. This Cloud training is currently run online which provides the flexibility for you to attend from anywhere! the Yes, it is free for all students. What about for professionals? It is free for professionals who are under employed or have lost their jobs or are taking a break or are returners! If you have a prior IT experience, great! If you don’t have IT experience and are from a different function or a different industry, then also the doors are open for you. You can become a certified Cloud Technology professional and that too with the market leader AWS via the AWS re/Start program. All you need is a good analytical mind who loves to solve puzzles and enjoys logical reasoning!

You can dirty your hands with real time labs where you could work with AWS servers, AWS Cloud back-ups, AWS Cloud Security, understand aspects of DevOps, understand the difference between private cloud and public cloud, understand technical terms like AWS compute, EC2 instance, AWS Management Console, AWS cloud architect. To ensure that you can interact with the app layer, you will learn the fundamentals of Python and fundamentals of Database.

So, what’s stopping you? Reach out to us here and start the process of becoming an AWS certified cloud practitioner now! The AWS Cloud Practitioner Course runs over 12 weeks and where other than the training and hands on sessions, we also prepare you for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam and provide you with mock AWS Cloud Practitioner practice tests!

This is just to get you started. Once you, clear the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification exam and have some hands-on experience, you can continue your career progression by moving to the AWS Developer and then to the Architect level! We can help.

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