Digital Transformation in UK Workplace Learning


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Meet our Speaker

Graham Hill

Head of Learning (Field) at Thames Water

  • Graham has worked in Learning and Development for over 25 years across manufacturing, construction, utilities and Oil & Gas industries.
  • He spent his earlier years delivering and facilitating Continuous Improvement and Leadership and Management in the UK, Europe and the US.
  • He ran his own consultancy business for nine years working in a wide range of industries helping them transform to be more agile and flexible in a fast moving world.
  • Graham has led L&D delivery and design teams in high risk industries, implementing Lean and Agile ways of working to address the challenge of compliance against resource availability.
  • With a strong belief that focus should be on performance improvement over course delivery Graham has worked with his teams to best understand where digital solutions can support in achieving the knowledge, skills and behaviours required in todays increasingly time poor operation environments
  • Outside work Graham challenges his limits through open water swimming which has included three of the biggest lakes in England, the English Channel solo and Catalina Channel solo. Over the last 5 years he has also worked with the charity COSMIC in managing English Channel relays.

Join us as we discuss about:

  • Role of digital technologies in workplace learning

  • Impact of digital transformation on the learner experience
  • Skills and competencies required for leading and managing digital transformation
  • Role of digital transformation in supporting organizational agility
  • Evaluation and measurement of digital transformation impact and outcomes
  • Challenges of digital transformation in workplace learning
  • Future of digital transformation in the workplace learning

Date & Time:

4 October 2023
 11 AM (UK Time)


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