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Do you fall in one of the following categories?

  • You feel they tend to be theoretical and take a long time to come up to speed on the job
  • While they have good knowledge of  frameworks and tools ( focused by mainstream certifications), they tend to fail esp. in areas like stakeholder management, handling ambiguity, working with distributed teams, coping with organizational challenges etc.
  • They don’t understand your business!

Well, you should look no further! We are there to help.

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Like you, we have experienced these issues, while being on your side of the table as a Business leader in companies like yours and have now crafted a solution that addresses these challenges.

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Our solution is powered by our unique (under patent) Transformation model

where we blend functional/technical and behavioral/soft skills in the context of a business scenario ( bringing the industry angle), while ensuring the learner works with methods and systems that make the outcome consistent, repeatable and predictable!


Our Transformation model is geared more towards enhancing the effectiveness of our learners

as compared to mainstream models which  focus more on enhancing efficiency by arming them with frameworks and tools rather than an application orientation. Within the limitations of time available for the transformation, we have been veering towards effectiveness more than efficiency.

Open AI/Generative AI is a boon for us as it helps improve efficiency way more than what we would normally achieve, without compromising on effectiveness and the business/human angle. We are super excited!!

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On the effectiveness side, we recommend working with talent who have worked on business operations/contact centres

as they are already exposed to your business processes and have to manage stakeholders on a day to day basis. Stakeholder management takes the longest to crack and working with this talent cuts short the cycle time significantly. Since technology competency required for this role is not very high, it is easier to skill this talent, rather than the other way round!

How do we work with you?

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We Recruit, We Train, We Deploy

Recruit. Train. Deploy. (RTD)

Via this model, we recruit potential Business Analysts for our programme. We fund the training programme for each Talent with them receiving a salary throughout. Post training completion, the Talents are deployed at your workplace on designated projects for a duration of up to 2 years. You can also choose to convert the deployed resource to your Full-Time employee after the minimum lock-in period!

Why should you go with this model?

  • Better predictability of future talent pipeline
  • Reduced TCO (Total Cost of Hiring) to the tune of up to 40%
  • Continuous Skill Enhancement for the Talents post Deployment
  • Option to convert Deployed Talents as your permanent employee

If you are looking to be one of those efficient employers who hire not just a REGULAR BA but a TECHNICAL BA, we are here for you!

We specialize in nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. Explore how we can assist you today.

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