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Over the years of our operations, we have demonstrated capability in helping our clients meet varied technical resources requirement at mid to senior levels.

Our areas of Expertise


Focuses on knowledge and basic skills required for  application development, maintenance and support  


Core (JAVA, .Net,Python)
Testing (Manual)
IT Infra (Desktop Support)


Focuses on developing web applications using frameworks,  including server pages, validations, session handling, adding records into the database, multi-threading, Lambdas, collections debugging, and GIT.


Advance (JAVA, .Net, Python
C++ (Embedded)
Testing (Automation)

Super Niche

Focuses on end to end development of application which includes both frontend and backend skills along with system design, deployment, debugging and maintaining databases and servers.


Full Stack (JAVA, .Net, Python)
Business & Data Analytics
Data Engineering
Data Science, AI/ML
Cyber Security
Cloud Computing - AWS/Azure/GCP

Our Service Offerings covering the above Technologies

Consultant Staffing

We are always on a moving bus to expand our pool of ever evolving Technical Consultants globally! Via this offering, we staff our highly competitive Technical Consultants on your projects. Staffing duration can range anywhere from a couple of months to an year!

Our consultants bring valuable expertise and knowledge to the table, thereby helping our clients optimize their operations, identify and solve problems, and achieve their business goals in a very short span of time (our TAT has been in “single digit” number of days to fulfill complex Consultant requirements!)

 If you are looking for an Expert to help you with your Technical requirements, but do not wish to invest in a full-time resource, we understand you!

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Trainer Deployment

Being in the business of training and skilling, we understand the fact that allocating the right trainers for your courses/programmes can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Availability concerns, quality and skillset gap, falling sick in between, unreported absence – I’m sure we have all seen this while managing operations!!

We take pride in our ability to provide Technical Trainer on Demand (more like a Plug and Play approach) with a short turnaround time without compromising a tad on the quality (thanks to our training/transformation engine, which essentially does the magic!!)

If you are struggling to find a Consultants or Tutor for your upcoming technical programme, you know where to knock the doors!

If you are looking to get your Workforce future-ready, Contact us!

We specialize in nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. Explore how we can assist you today.

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